What Your Favourite NBA Team Is Worth

Better Take Out A Loan...

What Your Favourite NBA Team Is Worth

Prices are going up.

If you've ever harboured dreams of buying an NBA team, you'll need to muscle in on the market fast.

The average franchise is now worth a cool $1.81 billion (Aus dollars), more than three times what they were worth five years ago.

Media deals talk (and make) lots of cash.

So does a new collective bargaining agreement ensuring seven years of peace and huge opportunities to expand the sport overseas.

But it turns out you don't have to be all that good on the court to be the hottest team on the market.

The New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers have endured some terrible seasons, but the business case has never looked better.

It probably helps being based in the two largest markets in the United States.

For the second straight year, the Knicks are the most valuable team in basketball, worth $4.4 billion.

That's despite the ongoing disfunction on and off the court and the public spats between star Carmelo Anthony and President Phil Jackson.

A billion dollar renovation of their Madison Square Garden home court means the roster is the only thing in need of renos.

The Lakers are worth about $4 billion even though last season was their worst in franchise history.

But hey, who cares about the results when you're selling out the Staples Centre every night and pocketing $160 million in profit?

Third place is where it gets interesting with the Golden State Warriors piling on a billion dollars in value in recent years to now be worth almost $3.5 billion.

Winning 85% of your games will do that for a franchise that few outsiders knew much about until 2014.

The team also boast the highest average TV ratings, a season ticket wait list of 32,000 and have a brand new arena set to open in 2019.

They're also leading the NBA Finals 2-0 and making around $13 million in profit each game.

Not bad.

NBA's Most Valuable Teams (In US Dollars)

1) New York Knicks - $3.3 billion

2) Los Angeles Lakers - $3 billion

3) Golden State Warriors - $2.6 billion

4) Chicago Bulls - $2.5 billion

5) Boston Celtics - $2.2 billion

6) Los Angeles Clippers - $2 billion

7) Brooklyn Nets - $1.8 billion

8) Houston Rockets - $1.65 billion

9) Dallas Mavericks - $1.45 billion

10) Miami Heat - $1.35 billion