An Indian Under-19 Team Was Bowled Out For 2 In A One Day Comp

Collapse puts the Aussies to shame

An Indian Under-19 Team Was Bowled Out For 2 In A One Day Comp Image: Pixabay

An Indian under-19 women’s state cricket team was bowled out for just two in a state league match.

Nine of the Nagaland players were out for ducks after batting first, with only the opener Menka managing to get off the mark.

She made one, sharing top scoring honours with extras after the opening bowler Aleena Surendran bowled a wide.

Nagaland made both of their runs in the sixth over before a wicket fell, meaning that their collapse was 10/0.

In reply, Kerala got 0/5 off one ball - the first was a wide, and the first legitimate delivery was hit for four by the opener.

As a result, Kerala won by 10 wickets with 299 balls remaining.

Nagaland’s coach Hokaito Zhimomi told Cricinfo that his team had been put together that the last second and had been largely unable to train.

"The Nagaland Cricket Association was struggling to put a team together because we didn't have any academy for girls," he said.

"We had to put out advertisements in the local newspapers, which is when the girls started coming to the academy.

"We had to start from scratch because all the girls are completely raw. In their first training session none of the girls knew what skills they specialise in.”