David Warner Flags The Possibility Of Entering Politics

'I wouldn't mind doing something.'

David Warner Flags The Possibility Of Entering Politics Image: Getty

David Warner says he "wouldn't mind doing something" like entering politics after his cricket career comes to a close.

Warner told The Final Word podcast that there was a chance he could seek a political career, saying he was taught from a young age to always fight for what you believe in.

"I'll probably have to go and get a home tutor for a couple of things!" he laughed.

"I wouldn't mind doing something (post-cricket).

"One thing that's been embedded in me since a young age is that I grew up in housing commission...I was taught to look out for myself, but each other.

"As a kid I had to do everything at home with my brother because my parents worked all the time, whether it was dishes, ironing, all the normal things that you do at home.

"Once I was able to work I went and worked because we needed that money to come in to pay the bills and me and my brother both paid a bit of rent...I liked looking out for anyone that was close to me."

Warner flashed back to his work during the pay dispute last year, saying the players "needed someone out there to speak about it".

"During the pay dispute, it was a tough situation, you had your employers going against our union, basically, and the players," he said.

"I thought I needed to have a stance somewhere, because at the end of the day I wanted to play cricket for my country, but for us to get a result or something in the middle - you know, a happy medium - we had to fight for that.

"I'm a believer in what I believe in. That was our belief.

"If you believe in something, you're going to fight for it. I wasn't going to stand down because we needed someone out there to speak about it...you don't get anywhere unless someone speaks up."