Graeme Swann’s Accidental Joe Root Sledge

Harsh words!

Graeme Swann’s Accidental Joe Root Sledge Image: Getty/Triple M Cricket

Graeme Swann has been part of the Triple M Cricket coverage for the WACA Test, and his insight and humour has been well appreciated.

Earlier he dropped in and gave us some absolutely spot on impressions which had the commentary box in stitches.

He provided a less deliberate set of laughs not long after, when he accidentally brutally sledged England captain — and his former teammate — Joe Root.

He said that any right-handed batsman that gets out to the spinner at the WACA should immediately leave the ground and sit in the hotel room bath.

The very next ball, Root got out to Nathan Lyon.

Have a listen to Swanny’s classic accidental sledge here:


“I tell you one thing, if you get out to the off-spinner here, as a right hander, you should walk straight through the dressing room, through the shower room, go to gate eight behind the changing rooms, go straight back to your hotel — with your pads still on — just run the bath, lie in the bath completely padded up for three hours thinking about the mistakes you’ve made in life,” Swanny said.

“It’s (the pitch) doing nothing for the off-spinner.”

Of course, the Root wicket followed immediately.

“There we are! Graeme Swann has called it,” James Brayshaw said after the wicket.

“Joe Root has nicked through the gloves of Tim Paine into the hands of Steve Smith and the Goat has struck!”

To his credit, Swanny stuck to his guns.

“Just keep going Rooty,” he said.

“Through the dressing room, through the shower room, through the gate, straight back to the hotel and get in the bath!”


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