Gus, Mick And Skull Tell Some Classic Doug Walters Yarns

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Gus, Mick And Skull Tell Some Classic Doug Walters Yarns Image: Screenshot/YouTube

Doug Walters is well known as one of Australian cricket’s great characters.

He was an exceptionally talented batsman whose hunger for runs was only surpassed by his appetite for smoking and drinking.

Kerry O’Keeffe played with Dougie quite a bit in the 70s, and told some ripping yarns about their days together on the Triple M Cricket coverage today.

Gus Worland and Mick Molloy chipped in with their memories of Dougie.

Listen to the chat here:


Gus spoke about volunteering at a cricket camp Dougie ran, including having to go and pick up darts for him and how he had to wake him up every morning.

Skull said that Dougie was the fairest player he ever played with, and always had a great attitude.

“He never appealed for anything that wasn’t out, and he never sledged,” Skull said.

“He’d get a duck, go in, put his bat in his kit bag and light a Rothman’s king-sized filter!”

Skull also had some insight into his dietary habits.

“He liked toasted sandwiches at 3am,” Skull said.

“He’d ring room service, and if they said ‘we haven’t got them available,’ he’d say ‘well have you got a toaster?’

“‘Yes we have.’

“‘Have you got bread?’

“I’ll come down and I’m gonna make them.”

Dougie is still most famous for his last ball six in the 1974/75 that got him to a ton in a session:


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