Isa Has Skull In Stitches After Revealing Steve Smith’s Night Time Ritual

'He’s showing her a good time!'

Isa Has Skull In Stitches After Revealing Steve Smith’s Night Time Ritual Image: Triple M Cricket

Triple M commentary favourite Isa Guha had Kerry O’Keeffe and Gus Worland in absolute stitches after she revealed Steve Smith’s night time ritual with his wife.

Skull had earlier mentioned that Smith had spoken to the Dalai Lama for sleeping tips when he was India, because he’d been struggling to get enough hours rest under his belt during Tests.

“He asked the Dalai Lama in India for the secret to good sleep,” Skull said.

“He was sleeping one and two hours a night.

“He was 64 not out coming in, and I don’t reckon he slept last night.”

Isa said that Smith’s night time ritual probably kept him up.

“He probably doesn’t sleep because he goes for a net at 1am in the morning,” she said, which Kerry confirmed was true.

Listen to Isa's hilarious gaffe here:

Later, Skull had a theory that Gus could help Smith out.

“If he’s not out at stumps Gussy, I reckon you should just position yourself in the foyer of our hotel with about a dozen balls and when he walks past at 3am, say ‘want any throw downs?’,” Skull said.

Isa said that was generally the domain of Smith’s wife.

“He normally calls upon his wife doesn’t he?” she asked.

“To feed him some balls?”

The commentary box absolutely erupted at that point, with both Gus and Skull in giggling fits.

“He’s showing her a good time!” Skull said.

“I definitely wasn’t intentionally trying to be dirty there,” Isa claimed.

“I was not.”

Gus just about managed to stop giggling in time to drop his own joke.

“Don’t start talking about chin music or we’ll be in all sorts of trouble!”

“Do you want any around your groin?” Skull asked.

“You haven’t missed a ball!” Gus laughed.

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