JB Expects Book To Be Thrown At Aussie Cricketers

“I can’t believe it’s happened”

JB Expects Book To Be Thrown At Aussie Cricketers Getty Images

Triple M Cricket’s James Brayshaw was “astounded” when he learned of the Australian cheating scandal which erupted in South Africa on the weekend and expects the book to be thrown at the guilty parties.

Speaking during Triple M’s Rush Hour on Monday, JB labelled the saga “disgraceful” and that it “beggared belief”.

“I kept looking at the screen thinking, ‘That’s the Australian captain, there’s no more exalted position in Australian sport than the captain of the Australian cricket team’,” JB said. “I can’t believe it’s happened.”

“It is disgraceful that you would ever head down that path and ... we demand impeccable integrity within playing ranks, so when we don’t see it, I don’t give a stuff what’s happened in the past, I don’t care if there’s a precedent for discipline, we’ve got to throw all of that out and, I would expect, be very, very firm with whomever came up with one of the more braindead plans I’ve ever come across.”

JB did feel sorry for Cam Bancroft who was instructed to illegally tamper with the ball by members of the leadership group such as Steve Smith and Dave Warner.

“His reputation is in tatters. It doesn’t matter what he does for the rest of his career, he will be remembered for this and this alone,” he said.