James Sutherland Threatens Third Umpire Over Cricket Pay Dispute

"I've had some increasing concerns"

James Sutherland Threatens Third Umpire Over Cricket Pay Dispute

(Image: cricket.com.au)

Cricket Australia chief executive James Sutherland says he is prepared to have cricket's pay dispute "sent to arbitration" if it cannot be solved over the next few days.

The pay dispute between Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers' Association has continued to get more tense, with one Australia A tour scrapped and future tours in jeopardy.

Sutherland wants the matter solved by early next week.

"I think we're really at a stage now where we need to address this situation," he told reporters on Thursday.

"I've been involved in the negotiations over the course of the last month, and whilst there's been some progress in that time, I guess I've had some increasing concerns just about whether everyone is going at the same pace and dealing with this issue with the same level of urgency.

"I acknowledge the ACA has put forward a document known as a peace plan...but like any plan, the devil is in the detail."

He wants both parties to come together and accept a decision so that cricketers can get on with the game.

"Cricket needs to get on with the game. We need players employed," he said.

"We feel that what has been proposed actually jeopardises not only the Bangladesh tour, but then in turn the Indian tour that is upcoming, and beyond that even, dare I say it, the Ashes tour ahead of that.

"We're prepared to take residual issues to arbitration and...we're prepared to accept the umpire's decision."