Jason Gillespie Talks About The Time Glenn McGrath Stitched Him Up During A Test

Classic stitch up!

Jason Gillespie Talks About The Time Glenn McGrath Stitched Him Up During A Test Image: Triple M Cricket

Triple M Cricket is lucky enough to have the services of the brilliant ex-Aussie fast bowler Jason “Dizzy” Gillespie for the entirety of the Adelaide Ashes Test.

During today’s rain delay, he told Neroli Meadows a story about his ex-opening partner Glenn McGrath stitching him up during a Test match.

Listen to Dizzy’s story here:


Dizzy said he was “up there” as one of the biggest dressing room pests when it rained, and one particular prank saw McGrath take some revenge.

“I used to sign everyone’s kit (during rain delays),” he said.

“It came back to bite me on the butt though.

“I’d signed everyone’s gear, I’d signed Glenn McGrath’s kit.

“‘To Glenn, all the best with your cricket, Dizzy.’

“But he got me back. We played, 01, a series in India. We played in Kolkata, it was a great Test series.

“We lost that Test, but I do remember I was batting with Steve Waugh. It was quite a tense moment in the match, we were under a bit of pressure, Harbhajan Singh bowling beautifully.

“I’ve called for gloves and they’ve come out and I’m about to face Harbhajan and all these Indian fielders are around the bat chirping at me, and I look down and it says ‘Dizzy Haha’ and ‘Glenn McGrath’.

“I’ve just pulled back, I’ve called Steven, I’ve walked down the wicket and I’ve said ‘mate, you’ve gotta see what Pigeon did,’ and he’s had a good laugh.

“It actually worked out quite well because it lifted the tension, there was a bit of tension there, and it made a lighthearted moment out of a serious situation.”

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