John Hastings' Hilarious Story About Getting Locked In Gilly’s Cellar While Trying To Get Wine

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John Hastings' Hilarious Story About Getting Locked In Gilly’s Cellar While Trying To Get Wine Image: AAP

Big John Hastings only played the one Test for Australia.

It was against South Africa in the Perth Test in 2012/13 — Ricky Ponting’s last — and the Duke had gotten the call up because Peter Siddle and Ben Hilfenhaus had bowled themselves into the ground trying to get the Aussies over the line in Adelaide.

The Aussies lost the match and subsequently the series, but big John has some fond memories of the match — including getting locked in Adam Gilchrist’s cellar in the post-match party celebrating Ricky Ponting’s career.

The Duke took up the story on Triple M’s new cricket show Willowtalk — set to go to air tomorrow — and we got a hold of it early for you.



“I didn’t really know too much about red wine at the time at this stage… I was the youngster in the side,” the Duke said.

“Adam Gilchrist said ‘can you just go and get another crate out of my cellar of that stuff that we’ve been drinking?’ and I’ve gone ‘yep, no worries’.

“It’s a pretty big cellar, it’s massive, it’s almost the size of half of my house I reckon.”

Hastings got in there ok, but then the trouble started.

“[I] went in there, tried to get it, but the door closed behind me and I didn’t know that it was this sort of fingerprint access sort of thing.

“[So I] got locked in there and there were a few tasting glasses over in the corner with a corkscrew, so I thought ‘what am I gonna do here, I gotta try and drink my way out of here’.

“I didn’t know much about red wine, picked the bottle off the shelf and it turned out to be a pretty expensive bottle of Henschke Hill Of Grace.

“I don’t know if everyone knows their wine out there but Gilly wasn’t too happy about that!”

The retail price of Henschke Hill Of Grace varies depending on vintage, but a 2008 bottle goes for around 900 dollars.

Sounds pretty understandable that Gilly wasn’t best pleased!

John Hastings also discussed his Test debut at length, including being asked to open the bowling despite not having done it for Victoria for years!


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