Jonny Bairstow Says He Felt “Stitched Up” By Aussie Sledging About His Headbutt

But he doesn't harbour any ill-feeling

Jonny Bairstow Says He Felt “Stitched Up” By Aussie Sledging About His Headbutt Image: Getty

Writing in the Daily Mail, Bairstow said that he never felt like he did anything wrong and knew he had the support of his team.

“Did I feel as if I had been stitched up? Yes I did in many ways, but at the same time I honestly never thought of it as anything to worry about,” he wrote.

“I knew I hadn't done anything wrong and, more importantly, the team and management knew that too.”

Bairstow felt that the Adelaide Test was played in the right spirit though, despite the suggestion that Australia had crossed the line.

“The second Test was played in a good spirit, tough but fair,” he wrote.

“There were some verbals from both teams but this time nothing crossed the line.

“Clashes like we saw in Adelaide are part of sport.”

Bairstow said that he hasn’t lost friendships with any of the Aussies he played with in country cricket.

“Remember, there are three members of the Australian side who have been team-mates of mine at Yorkshire — Handscomb, Mitchell Starc and Shaun Marsh — and we get on very well off the field,”

“I had a good chat to Mitchell after the second Test and we leave what has gone on during the matches out there.

“I’ve not lost any friendships over the last couple of weeks, put it like that.”

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