Kerry O’Keeffe Explains Why Was Five Hours Late To Day One Of The Ashes

'I'll accept half a day's pay'

Kerry O’Keeffe Explains Why Was Five Hours Late To Day One Of The Ashes Image: Triple M Cricket

Triple M Cricket’s captain of commentary Kerry O’Keeffe displayed all his leadership skills on day one of the Ashes, turning up a mere five hours late.

No one was exactly sure what happened to Skull, with the only info the commentary team aware of that he’d missed his plane.

Skull finally did roll up an hour after lunch during the rain delay, and entered proceedings with a simple question:

“How can you get up at 4:30 for work and be five hours late?”

Listen to Skull’s explanation for his lateness here:

Mick Molloy took the opportunity to grill Skull for his tardiness.

“If I remember correctly, Kerry, last year at this very ground you were rubbishing me for missing the first session of play then reminding me it’s a day night game,” Mick said.

“Welcome aboard, this is like a royal visit! Thanks for swinging by!”

“I’m prepared to accept half a day’s pay,” Skull said, before explaining how he came to be so late.

“I always drive to up country venues to speak, because I don’t like light planes,” he said.

“They fall out of the sky.

“This one didn’t get into the sky!

“I did a gig in Albury last night — good gig — got up 3:45am, showered, ready at 4:30, did a bit of late work for today.

“5:30 airport, and they said ‘sorry sir, your flight’s been cancelled’.

“Oh. When’s the next? 7:30?

“They said ‘no, 10am!’

“Or you can go JetGo. Anybody flown JetGo?

“The last plane hasn’t been seen!

“JetGo direct to Brisbane. I looked at it, it was like BWIA — But Will It Arrive?”

“I haven’t flown with them, but I’ve heard a few of their black box recordings,” Mick Molloy chimed in with.

Skull made his decision pretty easily.

“So I waited for the 10am connection to Sydney, and sorry boys, here I am!”

Skull has since settled in beautifully to the Triple M cricket commentary box.