Kerry O’Keeffe Predicts James Vince’s Wicket

'Picked it like a dirty nose!'

Kerry O’Keeffe Predicts James Vince’s Wicket Image: Triple M Cricket

Everyone already knows that Kerry O’Keeffe is the funniest man in cricket.

But he’s also a brilliant analyst, and proved that this afternoon when he predicted exactly how Josh Hazlewood would get James Vince out.

Skull noticed that Vince’s technique lends itself to nicking, and said that he would be stacking the slips cordon with catchers.

Two balls later, Vince was on his way after nicking a Hazlewood delivery to Tim Paine behind the stumps.

Listen to Skull’s prediction here:


“I’d have four slips [for Vince], I mean he is nick city” Skull said.

“And Hazlewood, 70 of his 120 Test wickets are caught. “

“So are you almost suggesting, Skull, that he’s nick kingdom?” James Brayshaw asked.

“I think the only thing beyond nick city is nick kingdom!”

“More nicks than a Greek wedding!” Skull said.

“It’s an open face, and open face to me means nick.”

There was a bit of carry on after Hazlewood got the wicket.

“Kerry O’Keefe you genius!” JB said.

“Massive nick through to the keeper Tim Paine, Hazlewood gets Vince and Skull picked it like a dirty nose!”