Kevin Pietersen Charged By Cricket Australia

Charged and fined.

Kevin Pietersen Charged By Cricket Australia

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Kevin Pietersen has been charged by Cricket Australia after slamming an umpiring decision during the BBL06 semi final between the Melbourne Stars and Perth Scorchers.

Pietersen, who was on the mic for Channel 10, was critical of an umpiring decision where Scorchers keeper Sam Whiteman was given not out.

"Shocker. Absolute shocker," Pietersen said live on air.

"[The umpire] said it could have been glove or it could have been pad. I said 'Well, he's got big gloves and big pads to reach that'. 

"Massive. Massive nick."

The umpire in question, Shawn Craig, later admitted he got the call wrong.

"I got it wrong," he said on Optus Sport's Umpires' Verdict.

"He (Whiteman) has hit it, there's no doubt I got it wrong and it's one of those ones I wish I could take back."

Cricket Australia has revealed Pietersen has been charged with breaching the Code of Conduct for "public or media comment that is detrimental to the interest of cricket, irrespective of when or where such comment is made".

Pietersen has been charged and fined $5,000 for the incident.

He accepted the charge but contested the fine, which he lost on Thursday.

Pietersen has 48 hours to decide whether he will take another opportunity to appeal the fine and have the matter heard by a CA Code of Conduct Commissioner.