Listen To Hugh Jackman’s Brilliant Stint On Triple M Cricket

Wolverine himself!

Listen To Hugh Jackman’s Brilliant Stint On Triple M Cricket Image: Triple M Cricket

Hugh Jackman is a lot of things — actor, singer, producer, Australian living legend and one of Gus Worland’s best mates.

Today he added another notch to his belt: radio cricket caller with Triple M Cricket.

Fresh from debuting his brilliant new movie The Greatest Showman, about ambitious showman P. T. Barnum of Barnum & Bailey Circus fame, Jackman dropped in and showed off his calling prowess in a stint in the first session.

He even called a few balls around the 12 and 19 minute mark.

Listen to it here:


As well as being a very accomplished caller, he hopped into the banter and even got involved in some war stories with Gus:

“I remember Gus saying yes to that bottle of Invalid Port when we graduated from high school,” Jackman said.

“84 cents, wasn’t it?”

Gus confirmed the story.

“84 cents, we bought a bottle, the Green Gate Hotel, Killara,” Gus said.

“We finished the HSC together… So Jacko and I said ‘we don’t have enough money to really get on it tonight, so let’s get the bottle of Port.

“Half each, we’ll go the scull, then we’ll both go into the pub.

“Well I sculled mine and Jacko didn’t, I turned like Shrek green and chundered on everyone at the pub and Jacko got away with!”


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