Mitch Johnson Opens Up On His Relationship With Kevin Pietersen

'It doesn't mean we have to be friends'

Mitch Johnson Opens Up On His Relationship With Kevin Pietersen Image: Getty/Triple M Cricket

Former Aussie tearaway quick Mitch Johnson has opened up about his relationship with larger than life England batsman Kevin Pietersen.

Johnson and Pietersen have history, having famously clashed ahead of the first game of the 2009 Ashes tour in Cardiff.

Johnson took exception to Pietersen hitting balls at where the Aussies were fielding and told him to stop, which led to the big South African saying something highly personally offensive to Johnson.

The two have resumed hostilities on social media recently, with the two of them having a pitched battle on Twitter.

Speaking on Triple M Cricket, Mark Howard asked Johnson about in an in-depth interview during today’s luncheon interval.

Listen to the full interview here:


“I think the incident that happened in 09 was a personal attack at me,” Johnson said.

“You never forget that kind of stuff.

“It was something said on field — Stuart Clark actually had to pull me away.

“Paul Collingwood was out there and sort of pulled KP away and that was sort of the end of the situation.”

Johnson said that he won’t be friends with Pietersen in the future.

“I saw him downstairs yesterday and I shook his hand said g’day and I'll always be as friendly as possible but it doesn't mean we have to be friends.

“We'll play against each other - we'll be rivals again on-field through the Big Bash.

“But he's not a guy I'd ring up.”