Shane Warne Sprays Magazine For "Constant Harassment And Continual Lies" About Family

He's labelled Woman's Day a "disgrace"

Shane Warne Sprays Magazine For "Constant Harassment And Continual Lies" About Family Getty

Woman's Day are once again feeling the wrath of an irate Australian celebrity, copping a spray from Shane Warne over their "constant harassment" of his family.

The cricketing legend took to Twitter on Monday morning to label the gossip magazine a "disgrace" for publishing "made-up stories".

Warne's fury comes after the controversial mag wrote an unsourced article claiming his ex-wife, Simone Callahan, was "tearing her hair out" after he took their 18-year-old son Jackson to a poker competition.

Even Callahan got involved in her former husband's rant, sending him a quote that rubbished Woman's Day's reports that she was "furious" and "horrified" by Jackon's interest in gambling.

"Woman's day, you are a disgrace," Warne wrote. "I'm not sure what possess you to continue this attack and making up lies about me, my family or my private life [sic].

"What is the media watchdog doing about this constant harassment and continual lies about made-up stories with no substance whatsoever?"


He added: "PS my ex wife is also furious and sent me this quote to post! 

"'Shane's a great father - he always puts the children's well being first and it's not fair the way WD or other media outlets continually make up lies and write stories with no substance involving our children or family.'"


Warne's scathing attack comes just months after Bauer Media, who own Woman's Day, were ordered to pay $4.5 million in damages to actor Rebel Wilson over a series of defamatory articles.