Skull Reveals His Worst Gig Of All Time

On Triple M Cricket

Skull Reveals His Worst Gig Of All Time Image: Triple M Cricket

Aside from being the captain of the Triple M Cricket commentary team, Kerry O’Keeffe is also an in demand after dinner speaker.

In fact, he’s been known to refer to himself as Kerry Seinfeld.

Speaking on Triple M Cricket during the third session of today’s play at the WACA Ashes Test, Skull spoke about his worst ever gig.

Listen Skull talk about his worst gig here:


“MCG, 2004, it was on the MCG, out in the middle,” Skull said.

“It was 41 degrees and there was no umbrellas or anything.

“The butter melted — it was like a yellow carrot soup!

“You know how the waiters normally give you a drink on arrival? Sunscreen!

“Everybody’s applying sunscreen in suits!

“I was introduced at about 2:30, it must have been 44 degrees. As I got up, a woman on table one collapsed.

“People were running everywhere. I was giving my gold and everybody was around this woman, and then I heard ‘stand clear!’

The MC of the event advised Skull to keep going while the defibrillators were applied.

“I said I’m going with the froggy (his famous frog joke), [meanwhile] family are running in from left and right… I said ‘and the frog said’ and they carted her off!

“Nobody was listening or watching, so I sat down.

“Somebody said ‘that didn’t go so well!’.”

The woman was fine, thankfully.

“She lived, which is really good,” he said.

“Unlike your jokes,” Mark Howard replied.

“No, I died… I was distracted as much as the 200 people!”

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