Steve Smith Knows Exactly Which Teammate Is Least Likely To Read His First Book

Surprise surprise...

Steve Smith Knows Exactly Which Teammate Is Least Likely To Read His First Book Getty Images

You know Christmas isn’t far off when tinsel and Christmas trees are front and centre at Coles and when cricket books start hitting the shelves.

And while even a grade cricketer who’s played a handful of decent knocks feels justified in releasing a book these days, some blokes actually have the runs on the board that warrant putting pen to paper.

Enter Australian captain Steve Smith.

The Journey is Smith’s story of his “journey” from backyard cricket to Australian captain.

And while most media oohed and aahed over Smith’s achievements at the book’s launch, we thought it was important to answer the big questions, like “is the book was light enough so that Pat Cummins wouldn’t suffer a stress fracture if he picks it up?” or “If you had described your book as a cricket shot, which one would it be?”

Other revelations;

Which one of your teammates is most likely to read your book?

Pat Cummins

Ricky Ponting has 13,378 test runs and 10 books to his name you’ve only got 5,370 test runs and just one book to your name, do you think you’ll end up scoring more runs or writing more books than Ricky?

I’d like to say scoring more runs but who knows maybe we’ll go toe to toe for both

If you had to describe the book as a cricket shot, what would it be?

Straight Drive

We’ve already had Father’s Day, Christmas is still a couple of months off and yet your releasing your cricket book now, have you stuffed up the timing of this release?

No way, I think it’s right in time for a Christmas present, a really good buy.

Lastly why would you get Brendan Julian possibly the best looking Rooster to have ever donned the baggy green to launch your book?

Good bloke, did a great job. Thanks BJ.

The Journey by Steve Smith is in stores now!