Triple M Cricket's Best Gags From The Second Ashes Test

We can't pick a favourite!

Triple M Cricket's Best Gags From The Second Ashes Test Image: Triple M Cricket

The brilliant twisting and turning Adelaide Test is done, and the only thing better than the cricket was our commentary.

We understand you can’t listen to every single minute, so we’ve taken the liberty of assembling the best gags from the five days play.


Mick on the difference between Adelaide and Brisbane:



“It’s interesting isn’t it, how different states approach Test cricket.

“Adelaide have an historic bar that looks back on Bodyline.

“Brisbane had a pool full of Englishman.”

Skull on Joe Root sending the Aussies in:

“That’s what Joe Root said at the toss: if we can get an early run out, we can put ‘em under a lot of pressure!”

Dizzy, Skull and JB on the crowd atmosphere after a wicket:

Skull: “It was like a library before, now it’s like Question Time!”

JB: “And Israeli parliament too, where stuff actually happens!”

Skull on Ricky Ponting’s issues with bouncers early in his career:

“I know early in his career he had trouble with the bouncer… but that was at King’s Cross!" 

“He hooked everybody else but he didn’t get a swing at that guy!”

Mick on Phil Tufnell:



“Whoever did this roster’s an idiot. Who puts Tufnell on straight after lunch?

“He’s clearly still working his way… ALL POINTS BULLETIN: Phil Tufnell!”

Skull on Alastair Cook’s image:

“If you had a daughter and Alastair Cook turned up to take her out, you’d give him an engagement ring!” 

Skull on Nathan Lyon’s junior career:

“He has got centuries for Young RSL… they were are Cootamundra Leagues Club with his father umpiring!”

“They said to him Nathan, which end do you want, north or south?

“He said Dad’s!”

Skull on Howie calling Australian wickets:

“Haven’t you lifted on that last wicket of Australia? You called it flatter than a hammered turd!” 

Skull on Josh Hazlewood’s day four review:

“This looks higher than Bob Marley!”

JB on Jason Gillespie's nose:

JB: "If Australia's got their noses in front, let's hope it's one the size of the thing you're rolling with!"

Dizz: "They're a long way in front if that's the case, James!"

Isa on Jason Gillespie's nose, too:

JB (on Glenn McGrath versus Josh Hazlewood): "Big 'Pidge' has got his nose in front, but there ain't much in it."

Isa: "He's not the only one who's got his nose in front."

Dizzy: "Yeah, alright Ish! Gee whiz! Copping it from all barrels! Yeah alright, I've got a big nose! Alright!"

Tuffers on how he got his nickname 'Cat'

Tuffers: "Out all night, sleep all day. Nine lives."

Tuffers: "And also, when I was younger - quite a lot younger - my little party piece in the dressing room was I could get myself in a position where I could lick my own balls."

Skull: "So that's why they call you the cat!"

Mick on the fans on the roof:

“I thought we’d set a deep field, I thought we were trying to get ‘em out hooking!

“We’ve got eight blokes down at fine leg!”


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The Perth Test starts at the WACA next Thursday, the 14th of December.