The Science Behind Winx: How The Mighty Mare's Short Stride Could Be The Secret To Her Success

Interesting stats

She is, arguably, the best race horse ever, so what is it that has allowed Winx to shatter records and reach the dizzying heights of fame that she has?

In theory, she's working with the same material that any other horse is - but, actually, there are small differences that have created a perfect storm of equine athleticism. 

From the length of her stride to the frequency of her footfalls, Triple M's Emma Freedman has teamed up with TAB to look at the science behind the Mighty Mare.

Is this what will propel her to an unprecedented fourth straight win at the Cox Plate this weekend? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure: Australia will be glued to the race, which takes place at 5pm this Saturday at The Valley.

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