“The team is all ready to win except Honda.”

F1 Star's Extraordinary Outburst

“The team is all ready to win except Honda.”

The McLaren Honda marriage could be headed for dire straits, and Fernando Alonso is making no apologies for driving it there.

The team's pre-season testing performance has been woeful to say the least and the Spanish star has had enough.

“We have to improve… there (must be) a big reaction from the team which I expect immediately,” said Alonso.

With only two days of pre-season testing to go, McLaren and Honda are fast running out of time to sort their package for 2017.

The driver's diagnosis for the team's woes?

Honda's new engine.

“I don’t think we are too far back with the chassis, we have only one problem which is the power unit,” Alonso said.

“There is no reliability and there is no power. We are 30km/h down on the straight.”

The dual world champion - who joined McLaren two years ago from Ferrari - is running out of patience faster than his engine.

"The team is all ready to win except Honda.”

To add further fuel (mind the pun) to the team's testing woes, a fault with the fuel tank has also marred the team's progress.

So does Fernando have anything positive to say about the new McLaren?

Actually, yes.

"The chassis feels good, it is responding well to changes and I am happy with the balance and how it attacks the corners. I am enjoying the car.”

Now if only it went faster.