F1: What To Look For In Barcelona

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F1: What To Look For In Barcelona

Formula 1's back this weekend with the first European race of the season in Barcelona.

Those obsessed with the sport will know it'll be the first time the teams will get to bolt some upgrades onto their cars as the development race truly begins.

Being a global sport, it's often hard to get back to headquarters during the season, but that's not been the case since the last race in Russia.

"It's the first time the cars have been back to the factory since the start of the season."

Some bits may need grafting on - it's not a case of just taking something off a shelf and bolting it on." former McLaren mechanic Marc Priestley told Sky Sports.

"This will have been the first real opportunity they've had to strip the car down."

So what's new for some of the teams?


The champs have been caught out by Ferrari's new-found speed which has all but ended the dominance of the Silver Arrows.

Expect a heavily revised car with changes aimed at reducing the weight of the W08 to compensate for a heavier gearbox.


Aerodynamics will be polished up as the Scuderia aim to capitalise on their early season form.

A revised power unit's also likely with Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen having burned through 3 of the 4 turbochargers they're allowed for the season.

Other than that... it's a case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" Ferrari...

Which brings us to...


There appears to be plenty broke about the RB13 package that's delivered Daniel Ricciardo mostly misery so far.

With the gap some 1.3 seconds off pole position in qualifying (which may as well be miles in F1 terms) and 3 DNF's... expect some aggressive upgrades for Spain.

The aerodynamic shake-up will focus on improving the Red Bull's rear downforce, but engine upgrades from Renault will have to wait until July.


If this were school, then the Honda-powered McLaren would get an F for their 2017 performance so far.

Plagued by unreliability and just two finishes out of a possible eight, things could get worse before they get better for a team used to success.

Expect the Honda to continue crapping itself until a new power unit is plugged in by July.