Formula 1's Rich List


Formula 1's Rich List

They don't call it the world's most expensive sport for nothing.

It costs tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars to run a Formula 1 team.

Sponsorship's one way to make cash, but revenue from commercial rights is another way to pay the bills.

The honchos that run the sport - Formula One Management - collect this money from three sources - hosting fees, media rights and hospitality and trackside sponsorship.

Estimated revenues of around $1.38 billion (US) in 2016 are divvied up among the teams according to performance over the season, past results and other special deals.

And as it turns out, winning the title doesn't necessarily mean you get the fattest cheque.

Ferrari finished 3rd in the constructors' championship last year, but the biggest bucks still found their way to Maranello.

The numbers (sourced by reveal Ferrari made $180 million, a shade more than champs Mercedes which banked $171 million.

Next up was Red Bull with $161 million.

The rest of the teams are left to fight over the leftover change with McLaren cashing a $97 million cheque, Williams $79 million and Force India collecting $72 million.

All up Ferrari took home almost one fifth of the total pie - owing to historical agreements - but that still $12 million less than the previous year.

If every team got an equal share of the pie they'd get $94 million.

The full list is below.

FERRARI - $180 million
MERCEDES - $171 million
RED BULL - $161 million
McLAREN - $97 million
WILLIAMS - $79 million
FORCE INDIA - $72 million
TORO ROSSO - $59 million
RENAULT - $52 million
SAUBER - $49 million
HAAS - $19 million