Last Drinks For Lewis Hamilton

Battle of the bulge?

Last Drinks For Lewis Hamilton

Let's hope Lewis saved some of his champagne to drink...

Lewis Hamilton is leaving no stone unturned in his fight to retake the Formula 1 crown this year.

The Brit's revealed he's ditched his onboard drink bottle in a bid to save weight.

With all the new rules it's been a struggle for his champion Mercedes team to get the car down to the 728kg weight limit for car and driver.

The Mercs are right on the edge and will be able to better balance the car using ballast once they hit the magic number.

So how much does a drink bottle way anyway?

About a kilogram.

Maybe two, depending on how thirsty Lewis is.

Turns out he was pretty parched, sounding out of breath after the Spanish Grand Prix.

"I was good when I got out of the car but jumping into... I don't know if I will do that again. I was a little bit tired after that one."

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff isn't worried about his top employee pushing himself to the brink of exhaustion.

"When you need to follow a car that close behind, you obviously haven't got the aerodynamic benefit of the guy in front. That is difficult. He gave it all and you could hear it on the radio."

While Spain drained him, Hamilton's confident there'll be some "easier" races to come.

"A lot of the races that we do with the type of racing that we sometimes have to do, where you’re saving fuel, like in the last race for example [in Russia], I couldn’t push because the car was overheating," he said.

“Whereas today it was… from Turn 1 to the end, it was flat chat. You’re just using everything you’ve got so for sure, in that first stint, for instance. To stay on Sebastian was a killer.”

It's a bit of a crazy step, but let's hope Merc can sort out their weight issues sooner rather than later.