McLaren: "We'd Be Winning Races With Mercs"

Relations Hit A New Low

McLaren: "We'd Be Winning Races With Mercs"

Things aren't good at the McLaren Formula 1 Team.

After a terrible pair of pre-season tests in which the squad clocked up less laps than any other team, it also became bleedingly obvious the new Honda engine isn't up to speed.

Not only that but McLaren were struck down by a string of reliability issues that saw them tear through more engines in a handful of days than they're allowed to use for an entire season.

The scale of the problem facing this once mighty team was clear when racing director Eric Boullier admitted they'd be racing for wins if they were still running Mercs.

"I think we would be winning again," said the Frenchman.

"The truth is we're having more problems than we expected. We knew we'd encounter some things, but truly not as many as we're seeing."

"The only solution is to keep working hard. The problem is the timing. We should be fixing these issues in January, not in March."


It's been a dire few years for McLaren who have won 20 driver's and constructors' titles over the years.

The last race they won was way back in 2012 when Jenson Button took out the Brazilian Grand Prix.

As they enter the third of a ten year deal with Honda, it's clear 2017 will make or break the contract.

Spanish star Fernando Alonso - a champion driver used to running at the front - is also out of contract at the end of the season.

And he won't be the only one running for the door if the McLaren turns out to be an orange lemon.