Why Shark Fins Are In

Fans divided

Why Shark Fins Are In

There's lots to be excited about ahead of next weekend's start to the new Formula 1 season in Melbourne.

New rules have meant wider aggressive-looking cars for 2017.

They're also faster, much faster.

But what about those shark fins which have made a comeback?

Purists say they're ugly while other fans reckon they look cool.

They were last seen in 2010 when teams basically designed their cars aerodynamics around something called the F-duct.

That was a controversial air intake system from the cockpit which helped which reduced drag and increase speeds on the straights.

This year the return of the fin's been brought about by the arrival of a lower rear wing.

Designers say it stabilises air flow over the rear wing, increasing downforce and yes, reducing drag!

It sounds like a lot of science and it really is.

At this stage the FIA (which governs the sport) has no concerns about the shark fins.

But that could change if flexing becomes an issue and the razor thin fins bend too much.

Cue the Jaws theme!