Are The Dragons Finished?

Who makes up the 8.

Are The Dragons Finished?

In the wake of the Dragons loss last night to Broncos last night it begs the question, are they done for the 2017 season?

Dropping a game last night means that they have slipped behind the pack and currently sit 9th on the NRL table, sitting 2 points behind Penrith, Manly and North Queensland with only 2 games to play. 

The boys on Triple M Saturday NRL coverage think it is going to very difficult to progress to the finals. 

“It’s gonna be tough for them, they need results to go their way,” said James Hooper.

“Girds said a couple of weeks ago, it all comes down to that match against Penrith.

“They play Penrith next weekend, whoever wins that game its going to have a huge bearing on who makes the 8.

“They still now rely on a result outside of their control."

Wendell Sailor says that he liked the prospect of the Dragons playing finals earlier in the season but they have now blown their chances.

“I wanted the Dragon to make the top 8... (but) they probably overachieved earlier in the season," said big Dell. 

“But I don’t think they deserve to be in their now.

“When you lose to Newcastle (and) Souths, (against the) Titans they got the job done and last night with the season on the line 24-12 they lose.


“But I think their seasons gone."

While still mathematically possible, the Dragons now need a number of results to go their way to make the finals.

But our boys think their hopes are dashed. 


Ladder (19/8/17)

Team           (W-L)   Points
1. Storm       18-4       40

2. Broncos    15-7       34

3. Roosters   14-7       32

4. Eels          14-8       32

5. Sharks      13-8       30

6. Panthers   12-9       28

7. Manly       12-9       28

8. Cowboys   12-9       28


9. Dragons    11-11     26

10. Raiders    10-11     24

11. Rabbitohs 9-13      22

12. Warriors   7-15      18

13. Bulldogs   7-14      18

14. Titans       7-15     18

15. Tigers       6-15     16

16. Knights     5-17     14