Benji Marshall On Getting Older, Coaching And What It Feels Like To Be Back At The Tigers

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Benji Marshall On Getting Older, Coaching And What It Feels Like To Be Back At The Tigers Getty

NRL veteran Benji Marshall has opened up about what it feels like to be playing with the Tigers again off the back of their fourth round win against Parramatta.

Marshall, who welcome a son Fox with his wife Zoe in March, returned to his old club after a four-year absence and said he's enjoying every minute.

"It's something I can't describe any differently than saying it just feels like home. That's a simple as it feels to me," the 33-year-old told The Rush Hour with MG.

"Everything happens for a reason and now that I have the opportunity back there... you just don't take it for granted. You just appreciate it so much more.

"[I'm] playing with passion and pride and really making sure every minute I'm on the field I'm helping the team."

Marshall also spoke about how his game has changed as he gets older, explaining that once he made the decision to play differently, it all started to fall into place.

"This is my 16th season now and having to probably come to terms with not being able to do the things I used to do and having to evolve into finding other ways to contribute to the team, contribute positively to the outcome of games," he said.

"I think until I actually accepted that part, that I couldn't play the way that I used to, I wasn't fully able to move on like I have been able to now and understand that the game is 80 per cent between the ears and the rest a bit of heart as well.

"Being able to use that smartness has been helping me the last couple of years."

And what about coaching? When questioned about teammate Tuimoala Lolohea's suggestion that Marshall was more of a coach than a player, the Kiwi native was quick to put the record straight

"I think Tui don't know what he's talking about mate, I don't think he understood the question!" Marshall retorted. "I try and help the guys relax and come to training really happy and to show we have the best job in the world."


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