Robbie Farah's Blow-Up Ranks As One Of The Best Origin FAILS Of All Time


Robbie Farah's Blow-Up Ranks As One Of The Best Origin FAILS Of All Time

Farah's crucial mistake

Picture this: it's 2012, we're in the decider.

Seventy-seven minutes gone, behind by just one point and inside QLD's half with four tackles gone.

Enter Robbie Farah, with the bobble that broke the hearts of NSW. If it's a slight consolation, the blow up at the official is amongst the better ones we've seen. Watch the video.

Noel "Crusher" Cleal and the worst drop-out of all time

A throwback to 1984, but this video is pretty much a homage to the Blues of the last ten or so years. 

Cleal shaped the drop-out, only for the ball to land in a pool of water and just sit there.

Even though it was thirty years ago, this is sure to keep some people up at night.


Woods' celebration fail

This was basically the highlight of 2016, and no number of over-done memes or replays could ever ruin this moment.

An image that's sure to be as iconic as that one of Norm Provan and Arthur Summons. Come to think of it, Origin should be played for a statue of this instead of the shield.

If it's possible to make this moment even better, we've found a version of the footage with the Titanic theme in the background. Iconic.


Justin Hodges' shocker

On debut in Game II, 2002, nothing went right for Hodges. 

Words won't do it justice, so watch the video below.


Security guard falls over a blade of grass

Another classic, this time from Game III, 2013 when a security guard was spotted tripping over nothing in the background.


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