Big News On Sam Burgess

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Big News On Sam Burgess Getty Images

It appears as though Sam Burgess has finally succumbed to injury, with the Rabbitohs confirming today that the star will not play this weekend.

Burgess has been struggling with a rib injury for several weeks, but has managed to still be a standout for the club.

John Sutton will assume the captaincy in his absence, with Zane Musgrove coming into the front row.

"I've never played a game with Sam Burgess," Triple M guest host Josh Reynolds said.

"But you can just tell the kind of person he is.

"We played them last week, and you just see every hit he's copping and it's something.

"You know he's not going to put an act on or anything.

"And they're the kind of guys you want to play with.

"James Graham is a bit like that too. He's always putting the team first. And that's what I put on top of everything."