Billy Harrigan Smashes The NRL Refereeing Administration

Billy isn't happy

Billy Harrigan Smashes The NRL Refereeing Administration Getty Images

Triple M's Bill Harrigan has smashed the NRL referees administration, calling for Todd Greenberg to move on Tony Archer after a poor year of refereeing decision on and off the field. 

In an explosive rant, Harrigan broke the news of three long-standing touch judges with over 1000 games worth of experiences being ousted by Archer before a controversy ridden finals series began.

Billy spoke of his disgust of how the referees boss handled this situation.

"That all comes down to my mate Tony Archer and his leadership and the way he has handled this group," Harrigan said.  

"No wonder there's anarchy, no wonder they want him out and no wonder there's no moral in that squad."

"It's a joke and the sooner they start to have a look at this bloke and say mate it's time to move on and start fixing the game up." 

Harrigan, who refereed over 400 plus Rugby League games, sounded out Greenberg for not calling out Tony Archer on the many refereeing mistakes made during the 2017 season.   

"He hasn't fixed it so move him on," he said.  

"If you want another tip, now is the time to go back to one referee and get someone in the bunker that knows what they're doing." 

Listen to Billy's explosive rant in full via the audio below.