Bulldogs Are Facing More Headaches

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Bulldogs Are Facing More Headaches Photos: Getty Images

The Bulldogs are facing more headaches in a bid to meet the salary cap.

Canterbury officials are looking to save one million dollars in talent and have given big guns James Graham and the Morris twins permission to chat with other clubs.

Earlier, Canterbury are expected to lead a push for an increased salary cap of $9.6 million next NRL season as the game's decision makers get set to meet on Thursday.

Canterbury chairman Ray Dib on Monday met with counterparts from several other clubs including Cronulla, Sydney Roosters and Canberra at the Bulldogs Leagues Club in an effort to form a united front in lobbying the NRL to bump up next year's cap.

The NRL and Rugby League Players' Association are in the midst of negotiating a collective bargaining agreement for next year.

Several clubs, including the Bulldogs and Raiders, are believed to have overspent despite the governing body earlier in the year telling them to work towards a salary cap of $9.2 million.

The Bulldogs argue they were told by ARL Commission chairman John Grant last year that the cap would be $10 million and that the NRL has created an atmosphere of confusion.

The Bulldogs are under salary cap pressure after signing big names Aaron Woods and Kieran Foran and they have reportedly shopped around several senior players including Brett and Josh Morris, Moses Mbye and James Graham.

The Bulldogs did not respond to requests for comment however the Nine Network reported that some clubs agreed to put forward a salary cap proposal of $9.6 million to the NRL.

That offer will be put on the table when the NRL, RLPA and clubs meet at Rugby League Central on Thursday.

It's been reported that the RLPA and NRL are set to agree on a $9.2 million salary cap but the $300,000 long-serving player allowance will sit outside of the cap, effectively giving each clubs $9.5 million to work with.

However that proposal is known to be opposed by several clubs including Manly.

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