Bulldogs Deliver Des Hasler Ultimatum; Report

"The Bulldogs expect results'

Bulldogs Deliver Des Hasler Ultimatum; Report

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The Bulldogs have given Des Hasler an ultimatum, reports The Mole on www.wwos.com.au. 

If he doesn’t make the finals this year - and the Bulldogs are currently sitting 13th, with a pretty tough run home and not playing well - it could be his last season at the Bulldogs after signing a two-year extension.

Triple M's Ryan Girdler said the Bulldogs are a big club that expect results. Listen to the full audio at the bottom of the page.

“Apparently there’s a clause in the contract that the club can trigger, saying they only need to pay him half of his wage out for those two seasons,” said Triple M’s Ryan Girdler.

“I know Des’ record is pretty good. They’ve made the finals every year for the past five years, but they won’t make the finals this year.

“Their performances on a week-to-week basis - they’ve lost six of their last seven - someone’s got to be held accountable.” 

The club has signed two quality players Aaron Woods and Kieran Foran for next year, but they may want to go in a new direction.

One coach who could come in is Dean Pay, who has been pat of the Bulldogs system for a long time. He also coached the NSW Under-20s. Listen to the full audio below.