Coaching Lebanon Has Been Awesome Says Brad Fittler

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Coaching Lebanon Has Been Awesome Says Brad Fittler Getty Images

Brad Fittler told the Triple M Grill Team he is having the time of his life coaching Lebanon at this year's World Cup.

"It's been awesome, first thing was they brought into what I had brought into the camp," Fittler said. 

"It was important then, the coaching staff brought into what they're about.

"To be honest the Lebanese community and culture is something that stays pretty strong, while other cultures fade a little bit, the Lebanese culture is very strong.

"They love their food, they love their dancing, they love a good time and I've worked out they work pretty hard and love their footy, so it's a pretty good combo." 

Fittler even revealed his is heading to Lebanon once the World Cup concludes. 

"I'm heading there over at the end of the tournament to check it out," Fittler said. 

"Im going over with the rugby union coach Michael Chieka who's Lebanese ... so we are going to head over there and just have a look at what's going on.

"They are very very passionate about rugby league and they are happy to say it publicly." 

Listen to Brad Fittler's full chat with the Triple M Grill Team below.