Craig Bellamy: "I Have An Offer On The Table From The Storm"

"There's a few things to think about"

Craig Bellamy: "I Have An Offer On The Table From The Storm" Getty

Craig Bellamy has admitted that he's had an offer from the Storm on the table for two-and-a-half weeks as the fall-out from his meeting with Broncos boss Paul White continues.

White and Brisbane coach Wayne Bennett were forced to front the media this morning to address reports that Bellamy was being brought in to replace Bennett with a year left in his contract.

But while Bellamy admits that he has already met with White he denied that there had been any talk of money or contracts, before revealing that that Melbourne had already made a move.

"At the moment, I have got an offer on the table from the Storm," the 58-year-old said at a press conference this afternoon. "I don't think the Storms going to sign me up for one year. 

"So if I do move, it'll be at the end of the year.

But when the coach was asked if that move would be to Brisbane, he laughed, saying: "I haven't spoken to any other club and I have had a chat to Brisbane. You can work it out from there."

Bellamy also commented on the "falseness" of the rumours, saying that he was disappointed in how the situation had unfolded and that he and Bennett had some talking to do.

"The last thing I'd want to be is be disrespectful to Wayne," he said. "He's coaching his 800th game. That's unbelievable, one hell of a record.

"But before I had my chat I was assured that Wayne knew about the chat, so I'm sure me and Wayne will catch up at some stage and have a chat about things.

"I was assured he knew the chat was happening."