Dean Pay's Post Match Outburst To Come Under Review

"Ridiculous and Disgraceful"

Dean Pay's Post Match Outburst To Come Under Review Image: Fox Sports

The NRL match review committee will meet on Monday to determine what, if any punishment is handed to Dean Pay following his outburst after the Bulldogs controversial loss to the Broncos on Thursday night. 

An NRL spokesperson confirmed Pay could be facing a fine anywhere between $10,000-$30,000 for his comments if they find him guilty. 

Meanwhile, NRL Referees boss Bernard Sutton has confirmed last night's officials got every 'contentious' call correct including Jamayne Isaako's drop ball in the second-half. 

"Having a look at the vision you can see where Isaako touches the ball is probably a metre to a metre and a half in front of the 10-metre line and then the ball practically lands on the 10-metre line," Sutton told 

"So I'm pretty confident based on that that the ball's gone backwards."

As for the incident which would hand Brisbane a two-point victory, Sutton backed his officials. 

"He's not entitled to contact the player who's going for the ball there and importantly, Darius has never had the ball, so there's no reason to grab him there," Sutton added. 

"It's a deliberate action which does make it a penalty."