Des Hasler Has Gone "Full Des" In This Interview About Woods And Foran

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Des Hasler Has Gone "Full Des" In This Interview About Woods And Foran

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Bulldogs coach Des Hasler is known to be a master when it comes to directing a press conference, and he's once again managed to skirt drama when asked about rumoured new recruits Aaron Woods and Kieran Foran.

Speaking ahead of tomorrow's clash with the Tigers, Hasler wasn't baited into discussing the potential recruits, towing the line that there are no formal agreements set in stone.

"I think it's important to get all the facts right rather than all this speculation," Hasler said.

"No contracts have been signed and there is no agreement with those players.

"I'm sorry to say they haven't signed here and there is no contract.

"A retention committee will look at all the players coming off contract, just as sure as other clubs are looking at our players who are off contract.

"So far those measures have been fairly positive, but that's all it's been.

"There is no contract signed, and it was interesting to see Jim Doyle's comments yesterday that he's a bit disappointed about the speculation and he was saying that Kieran Foran in this regard hasn't signed with any other club."

When asked if he was confident that they'd come to the Bulldogs, a coy Hasler said "you can only put your best foot forward".

"There are probably 15 other clubs feeling the same way."

A question was raised about the cap space for making two big signings, Hasler again danced around the issue.

"That's an intuitive question, and at this point in time I think it's counter-intuitive. It's counter-productive, that line of thinking and that line of questioning because at the moment there's nothing in place and there's no agreement.

Hasler said he hadn't spoken in person with Foran, and only with his management. Check out an excerpt of the interview below.