Ex-Rugby League Star's Drug Revelation Shocks NRL World

Listen to the shocking audio.

Ex-Rugby League Star's Drug Revelation Shocks NRL World Richie Fa'aoso Photo: Getty Images

Ex-NRL player Richie Fa'aoso's has opened up about his decade-long battle with drugs and alcohol and how it related to the NRL.

Having just served time in jail, the former NRL journeyman revealed all in a shocking interview with The Daily Telegraph. 

The Daily Tele's Paul Crawley spoke to the Saturday Triple M NRL about the code's battle with drugs. Listen to the full audio below. 

Meanwhile, Triple M's Wendell Sailor spoke on his drugs situation.

"It probably cost me $1.2 Million for my two years out of the game," said Wendell Sailor, on Triple M.

“It’s not just footy, it goes on all the time outside footy."

Triple M's Ryan Girdler said it's not always the NRL's fault.

“It’s not always the NRL, they get blamed unfairly sometimes. There’s also the clubs Richie was at. He was at 6 clubs and they didn’t identify it. It’s sometimes too easy to just go – it’s an NRL problem."