Explosive Claims Emerge From This Knights Conspiracy Theory

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Explosive Claims Emerge From This Knights Conspiracy Theory

As the Knights continue to struggle to attract and land big signatures, a startling conspiracy theory has emerged regarding off-field management.

As the Knights are currently owned by the NRL after significant financial struggles, there are claims there is more going on behind the scenes.

"My understanding is that the Wests Leagues club up there (in Newcastle) is very interested," Kenty said.

"There's a bit of a conspiracy rumour that the NRL is putting the slows on selling the Knights because while ever they currently own the Knights, they have the Knights vote at board level when the clubs are trying to manoeuvre to get certain people sacked.

"So that's the conspiracy on why the NRL is moving slow on getting rid of the Knights when most people are of the understanding that Wests Leagues club - which is very successful - is now in a position where they want to buy the club. But that's happening at snail's pace.

"I feel sorry for the Knights, because they're a proud club and they're always the underdog club. They pride themselves on that. But at some point, things have got to change."