Finally, The Truth About That Hand Grenade

All is revealed

Finally, The Truth About That Hand Grenade

It was one of the most derisive moments in Origin history when Bryan Fletcher celebrated a try in the 2000 Origin series with a hand grenade.

Last year around Origin time, Triple M's Ryan Girdler admitted he gave the order for Bryan Fletcher to throw the grenade. And now we've finally got the full story.

Speaking on Triple M Saturday NRL, the two recounted the moment which arguably influenced the QLD resurgence over the last ten or so years.

"It was at a time when the Footy Show was running a bit on post-try celebrations and David Gyngell had gotten us tickets to an advanced screening of 'Any Given Sunday'," Fletch said.

"It was an NFL movie with Jamie Foxx and they did something very similar - someone scores a touchdown, throws a hand grenade and then all the players fall down.

"We had a few beers that night after the premier and practiced it.

"I forgot all about it. And then I scored the try and Girds came running up to me, begging me basically to throw the grenade.

"I thought it was something from Puppetry of the Penis and was wondering what he going on about.

"And then he reminded me that we'd practiced it. The memory came back in and I threw the hand grenade."


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