Former Stars Absolutely Roast Samoa ... Again

"Completely unacceptable"

Former Stars Absolutely Roast Samoa ... Again Getty Images

Willie Mason and Reni Maitua have taken another swipe at Samoa after their dismal Rugby League World Cup campaign ended after a heavy quarter-final loss to Australia last Friday. 

Last week, Maitua was baffled as to how Samoa even progressed to the knockout stage after failing to win a game during the group stage. 

Well, for the second week in a row both Maitua and Mason have ripped into Samoa again. 

"It was disappointing for Samoa. They didn’t deserve to be in the quarter-finals. Ireland should have been there," Maitua said on Unfiltered.

"The scoreline reflected their whole campaign. There needs to be something down within the camp. There are a lot of people upset about Samoa not doing too well.

"Completely unacceptable. Heads will roll.

"They’ve definitely regressed. They need a complete overhaul."

Mason echoed Maitua's comments, and even opened up on some disappointing rumours coming out of the Samoan camp.

"Why isn’t a guy like Ruben Wiki in camp? I hear some rumours, man – a few other boys are just pretty much doing what they want," Mason said.

"They don’t respect (Matt) Parish as a coach. When you go to bed at three or four o’clock, eat whatever you want, you put on weigh during camp.

"It’s pretty much a double-fingers up to the coach."