Gal: 2016 Wasn't A Fluke

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Gal: 2016 Wasn't A Fluke

Paul Gallen is adamant that the Sharks rightfully won the title last year, and isn't having a bar of chat that it was a fluke or the competition was soft.

This follows Gus Gould's claims on the new Six Tackles with Gus podcast that the Sharks won by default as a consequence of a "soft competition".

"He still said it ended up soft - and that isn't right," Gal said on Triple M. Listen to the full discussion below.

"No matter what the history of me and Gus is - and for some reason he doesn't seem to like me and I don't know him - but I still listen to his opinion.

"I don't know if he's got an agenda against the club or what, but for a man like that - who knows so much about rugby league - to say (...) something like that is just not right."

Gould had pointed to the absence of the Rabbitohs, Roosters and Manly at the business end of the season, given their dominance over the last decade.

"The 2016 competition ended up being a fairly soft competition," Gould said.

"There were a lot of teams that have been at the top of your list there for a number of years - the Roosters and Bulldogs, and South Sydney and Manly - these clubs fell by the wayside very early.

"You could even tell from the middle of the season that the two clubs that were so great at the start of the year, Brisbane and the Cowboys, weren't going to be able to keep it going until the end.

"The Sharks to me were the experienced team, the hard-nosed team that were last man standing."