Gal Has Officially Blown Up About QLD

"That's crap."

Gal Has Officially Blown Up About QLD

Paul Gallen is known to be a very passionate New South Welshman, and on the Triple M Saturday NRL show, he officially blew up about QLD.

It was a rant that was a long time coming, with Gal taking aim at everything from calls in old games to the apology for that Tim Glasby article. 

And it all came as a response to a segment about the 'best deciding games' in Origin. Listen to the full report below.

"That's crap," Gal said.

"Once again we're looking at QLD and Origin is not all about QLD. There's two teams out there and I can't believe our media buys into it. You only have to look at over the last ten years the way the Courier Mail have treated myself and Mitchell Pearce and the whole NSW side.

"The Daily Telegraph has one crack at Tim Glasby a few weeks ago and we've got NSW players apologising."

"You've won one series, you've one ten - that's what I think," Gal joked at the end of his rant.