George Burgess Could Be In Trouble For This Elbow


George Burgess Could Be In Trouble For This Elbow

Image: @Nath_Ryan

It looks like George Burgess will be in trouble after throwing an elbow at Mitch Barnett in the first half of the clash with the Knights. Check out the footage below.

Burgess was sin-binned after a scuffle broke out, and a few punches were thrown but none of them seemed to connect.

The ref ruled that it was a sin-bin offence, but footage that came to light after the decision was made could see Burgess missing a month.

"He'll be on holiday for a couple of weeks," Triple M's Wendell Sailor said.

"It hasn't been a good afternoon for George Burgess.

"He raises an elbow and then backs it up with about four handbags after that."

"George Burgess should be off the field," Triple M's Sterlo said.

"The crowd saw it and knew straight away - they were baying for him to be taken off.

"I haven't seen that in the game for a long, long time."

"They will get him - the match review will get him," Triple M's Bill Harrigan said.

The Knights scored straight off the back of Burgess leaving the field, with Souths struggling being a man down.