Goodbye To The Bunker?

"Get rid of it"

Goodbye To The Bunker? Getty Images

Triple M and Fox Sport's Paul Kent believes it's time to get rid of the Bunker after controversy surrounded both the Storm and Panthers finals wins. 

"I think its time we blow it up and get rid of it," Kenty said. 

"The $2 million a year Bunker, on the real contentious issues does nothing to fix the problem for us." 

The Bunker was originally established to end the debate over disputable decisions, however Kenty believes it isn't doing the job it was brought in to do.  

"At the end of the year the referees will put out a statement that the Bunker got 97 or 98% of decisions right but you can reasonably argue the referee would of got right anyway," Kenty said. 

"And we create a debate because the Bunker should be 100% conclusive every time but it simply can't be."

However, former NRL Referees boss and Triple M's very own Bill Harrigan believes the issue may lie with the referee having to make an on-field decision. 

"The referees are forced the make a decision when really they don't know and when you are forced they will go with the try scorer," Harrigan said. 

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