Gorden Tallis Has Said A Very Brave Thing About Wayne Bennett

Listen to the audio.

Gorden Tallis Has Said A Very Brave Thing About Wayne Bennett

Gorden Tallis and Wayne Bennett Photos: Getty Images

Last night on Triple M Matty Johns' brand new Fox Sports show called The Late Show, former Queensland NRL legend Gorden Tallis was not backwards in coming forwards about his old coach Wayne Bennett.

When asked 'has Brisbane coach Wayne Bennett lost his aura?' he had this to say:

“Yes, I think he has,” said Tallis, on Fox Sports.

“Wayne, we used to give him a bit of slack become of his family life, and to walk out on his family that was the armour that he’s lost now.

“Now he’s just a footy coach.

“Before, Wayne Bennett was super; he had this 'life', and everybody was in the awe of 'the life', and I think that’s gone now.

“I mean, I’ve always had a shot at him but to have so many other guys poke their head over the fence, scream and shout, I think he’s lost a bit of his aura.”

On Triple M's Grill Team, Matty Johns said Wayne’s personal life does not interest him, but he believes Bennett has lost a bit of his aura but it's from a football point of view. Listen to the full audio below.

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