Gorden Tallis Responds To Aaron Woods' Interview

"It's out of your control"

Gorden Tallis Responds To Aaron Woods' Interview

Aaron Woods has made headlines today after making some strong comments about his departure from the Wests Tigers.

Triple M's Aaron Woods and Ryan Girdler discussed his statements on Triple M Sunday NRL, saying that while Woods is captain, he shouldn't be too concerned with the back office running. Listen to the full report below.

"You've got to respect his honesty, but the only thing that's alarming is when he said 'I want to play finals'," Tallis said.

"You've had the roster to play finals. Everybody's had the Tigers in their eight for a long, long time. They're not a Newcastle Knights type of side.

"If I could talk to Aaron, I'd say 'Aaron, they pay you to play footy'.

"It is out of your control. They're your bosses. How many people talk to their bosses every day?

"I've got bosses - I don't see them.

"When I sit on the couch (on Fox Sports' The Late Show with Matty Johns), it's Fletch and Hindy. I don't make the decision about whether they're there next time or not. I don't want to know - it's the boss' decision.

"But when they roster you on, you go and do your job."

Regarding the question of whether Woods should be axed as captain after making dissenting comments, Tallis and Girds said it should be an issue for the coach.

"They can't rock the boat - it's underwater and already sunk," Tallis said.