How One "Un-Australian" Decision Set The Whole NRL Coaching Drama Into Motion


How One "Un-Australian" Decision Set The Whole NRL Coaching Drama Into Motion AAP

After months of whispers, rumours and extraordinarily tense press conferences, Broncos coach Wayne Bennett has finally announced where he'll be in 2020: South Sydney.

And with Rabbitohs' current coach Anthony Seibold all but confirmed to take Bennett's place, talk has now turned to whether or not we can expect the swap to happen earlier than the end of next season.

It's not the only coaching drama, either; with Michael Maguire agreeing to coach at Wests, Ivan Cleary now appears free to duck out of his contract years early and head to Penrith.

This morning, The Daily Telegraph's Paul Crawley explained how one "un-Australian" decision set the whole coaching merry-go-round into motion.

Listen below:

So what are the chances of the coaching swaps happening before March? Likening the situation to the CEO of Coke taking a job with Pepsi but expecting to stay at Coca Cola for another 12 months, Crawley explains exactly what we may see happen over the next few weeks.

Hear the full chat:

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