"I Probably Should've Taken That One"

Trent Hodkinson On Brock Lamb's Kick

"I Probably Should've Taken That One"

Speaking with the Triple M call team post-match, Trent Hodkinson has revealed why Brock Lamb took that final kick for Newcastle.


In a last-ditch effort to even-up the scores and send the game into golden point, Lamb tried to boot it over but the kick was off-course from the moment it left the tee.

"Top effort by our boys but the Dogs here are tough to beat and obviously they did it for Josh (Reynolds) tonight and came out and won it for him," Hokko said.

"I thought the penalty was on the 40 metre line and obviously Lamby has got the bigger boot. He slots them over there at training all the time.

"When he lined it up it was on the 30 (metre line) and I didn't want to take it off him because he was zoned in.

"I probably should've taken that one. I feel for him."

It was a gallant effort from Lamb, and full credit to the 20-year-old for stepping up to take the kick.